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Re: Deinonychus claws

dis@gj.net wrote:
> Look at the inner claw on the foot of Casawaries. It is a spear and this
> raitite can kick a man to death; quick. Killing one is a trial of
> manhood for some New Guinne (sp) tribes. 

Is the cassowary's inner claw straight, like an ostrich's toe, or
sickle-shaped like the inner claw of a dromaeosaur?  

As I've said before, the idea of the foot-claw being only an offensive
weapon has never made much sense to me.  It's another case of the old
"what use is half a wing" argument.  Half a wing, of course, isn't much
use as a wing, but might be excellent use for something else.  Likewise,
for dromaeosaurs a "half-claw" or a smaller claw wouldn't be much use
for hunting, but it might be very useful for something else.  Like
climbing, perhaps.

-- JSW