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<< HI,
 I have two questions about Dinotyranus:>>

Note spelling: _Dinotyrannus_
<< 1) Who named it?>>

Here's the reference:

Olshevsky, G., 1995. "The Origin and Evolution of the Tyrannosaurids,"
Kyoryugaku Saizensen [Dino-Frontline] 9: 92-119 (part 1); 10: 75-99 (part 2)
[illustrations by T. L. Ford & S. Yamamoto; in Japanese].

_Dinotyrannus_ is introduced as a new genus for the species _Albertosaurus
megagracilis_ Paul, 1988.
<< 2) Is it a Tyrannosaurinid or an intermediate genus between Albertosaurini
 and Tyranosaurini?>>

Sister group of clade Nanotyrannus + Tyrannosaurus within Tyrannosaurini,
based on original description published by Molnar:

Molnar, R. E., 1980. "An albertosaur from the Hell Creek Formation of
Montana," Journal of Paleontology 54(1): 102-108 [January 1980].
 Thanks in advance >>