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Re: Deinonychus claws; love 'em or leave 'em

I don't understand why people want to deny the obvious and make up all of 
these external excuses for the claw.  Deinonychus and velociraptor were 
killers.  Evolution would not give a devise for climbing--especially to a 
large animal--when the animal's main purpose was to hunt the ground 
feeders.  Besides, what good would a wolf-size predator do in the trees? 
Talk about the energy envolved to climb and then what would he do once he 
got up there?  Look people, the claws were for killing, not to climb up 
in trees to eat its kill like big cats, not to punture a hole in the prey 
and hope that it bleeds to death.  Carving, cutting, slicing, dicing.  
La la la la la.