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Re: Glut's Encyclopedia

>       Also, I heard from my book seller that it's library-bound and not
>       the looseleaf originally promised.
>       Does anyone have any idea when it is currently promised and what
>       impact the binding will have on periodical updates?

If its going to be library-bound...it's a good bet, periodic updates will
not be forthcoming...as least not in loose-leaf format.

Has anyone spoke with Donald Glut about this...is his vision still alive
about a loose-left style dinosaur encyclopedia?

Maybe if the books paging isn't to complex, we can still cut the binding,
hole-punch and insert into 3-ring binder(s) in whatever order we choose.
With a book price tag of, what $145?, I would be a little hesitate to do

---John Schneiderman (dino@revelation.unomaha.edu)