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Re: Glut's Encyclopedia

In a message dated 97-04-25 17:40:18 EDT, dino@revelation.unomaha.edu (John
Schneiderman) writes:

<< Has anyone spoke with Donald Glut about this...is his vision still alive
 about a loose-left style dinosaur encyclopedia?>>

The book will be hard-bound, as far as I know. Talked with Don in New York at
last year's SVP and had a look at some galleys. The delay is entirely the
responsibility of the publisher, who is going for quality rather than speed.
The taxonomy is cladistic but otherwise very conservative. You'll love the
book when it finally appears.
<< Maybe if the books paging isn't to complex, we can still cut the binding,
 hole-punch and insert into 3-ring binder(s) in whatever order we choose.
 With a book price tag of, what $145?, I would be a little hesitate to do
 this. >>

According to Don, updates will be done as supplementary volumes from time to
time. He's almost finished the first of these already. The price tag for the
principal book will be high, but we're talking in the neighborhood of 1000