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Re: Moderator, when?

I've tried to stay out of this mainly because I'm trying to follow the
good advice that we should ignore silly bits of Creationism that might
occasionally float onto the list.  But since this thing seems to keep
lingering let me try to dowse it once and for all.  As a couple of you
already know, the Creationist in question is *not* subscribed to the
list.  Garrison Hilliard took it upon himself to provide us with one
of Karl's messages as a form of "entertainment".  Your first clue to
that effect should have been the first line in Garrison's message:

> On 20 Apr 97 15:42:00 EDT, www@cuinfo.cit.cornell.edu (ksjj@fast.net)
> wrote:

The way everyone reacted here, I shudder to think what life would be
like if a real Creationist actually showed up and sent more than one
message...  It doesn't look likely that the list will be moderated
again any time soon, so Judy Lundquist was right:

] Moderation is something we should all practice.

But that said, if a Karl did show up here and annoyed everyone with
Creationist nonsense I'd probably remove them from the list.  I can
still do that you know...

Mickey Rowe     (mrowe@indiana.edu)