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Tyrannosaurus tracks size query


Please help me with some information on T. rex's footprints.

Our museum is hosting a Dinamation Dinosaur exhibit this summer, and we
want to paint a T. rex trackway on the road leading to our exhibit.  We
would like to be "in the ball park" authentic at the very least in our

Jack Horner has a footprint outline in his book _The Ultimate T. rex._
that we can use for a general shape.  Is this as authentic as we can get?
 We also need help on the size parameters.

>From what we figured out from the Alexander MacNeill equations relating
body length, hip height and foot length, we have an estimated length of
foot as about 34 inches from base of footprint to end of longest toe.  Is
this correct?  Or is this the length of foot from base of heel to end of
longest toe?  We know T. rex walked up on its toes, and we want to make
sure we have the footprint the right size.  We also estimate that at a
walking rate, the foot falls should be 8 feet apart or less along the
line of travel.  (The stride, or space between the two right feet in the
trackway, is calculated as 16 feet or less, for a walking rate).  Is this

Can anyone give us an idea of the overall width of this hypothetical
trackway?  Did T. rex move its feet almost one behind the other, or are
they spread, and how far apart?
Did it walk "pigeon-toed", like a duck, or with feet pointed straight

Thanks a bunch for getting this back to me ASAP, as we need to make the
templates up in the next few weeks.

Judy Molnar
Education Associate, Virginia Living Museum
All questions are valid; all answers are tentative.