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Re: Questions #1

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<< 1) Is Abrictosaurus a distinct genus or the same as Heterodontosarus?>>

Distinct, but once considered a sexual dimorph of Heterodontosaurus (as
<< 2) What are Abrosaurus' classification, status, size, epoch, provenence
 species name(s)?>>

Here's the current MM #2 entry for this genus:

Genus: Abrosaurus Ou, 1986 vide Zhang & Chen, 1996
  = Abrosaurus [Anonymous] 1993 [nomen nudum]
  A. gigantorhinus Ou, 1986 vide Zhang & Chen, 1996 (type)
    = Abrosaurus dongpoensis [Anonymous] 1993 [nomen nudum]
NOTE: This genus and species appeared in faunal lists in at least two
different guidebooks to the Zigong Museum and the Dashanpu fauna. The type
skull of Abrosaurus gigantorhinus was illustrated in a photograph in one of
those guidebooks, under the name Abrosaurus dongpoensis. The names of the
authors of those guidebooks may have appeared in Chinese, but translations
were not provided and the references are regarded here as anonymous. Zhang &
Chen (1996) provided a formal description of the genus, based on an
unpublished description that appeared in the Master's dissertation of Ou
Yanghui in 1986. They referred the genus to Camarasauridae.

I refer it tentatively to Euhelopodidae; euhelopodid skulls and camarasaurid
skulls are very similar.
<< 3) What are Acracanthus' species name(s) and provenence? I know that it is
 not a valid taxon, but is it a junior synonym oh Acrocanthosaurus atokensis
 or of Beclespinax altispinax. By the way, is it Becklespinax or
 Acrocanthosaurus (altispinax), and is Becklespinax/A. altispinax a

Acracanthus atokaensis. Provenance same as Acrocanthosaurus atokensis, of
course, of which it is a junior objective synonym.

It's Becklespinax altispinax, and as far as I can tell it's not a
carcharodontosaurid. The type vertebrae, despite the tall and thick neural
spines, share a few characters in common with corresponding vertebrae of
Piatnitzkysaurus, Sinraptor, Yangchuanosaurus, and Metriacanthosaurus. So it
should be provisionally classified in Sinraptoridae, pending discovery of
better material.
<< 4) What is the good word? Ceratopsia or Ceratopia?>>

The good word is Ceratopia, but the word that almost everyone except certain
British paleontologists and I use is Ceratopsia. Ugh.