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Giants of the Gobi species list

Here's the species included in the Giants of the Gobi exhibition, at
Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, Portland, Oregon (till 1 Sept.)

Specimens are from the Inner Mongolian Museum of Natural History.

Mid Cretaceous:
Nurosaurus quaganensis (sauropod, largest in exhibit, 25 ft tall, 85 long
  as assembled)
Psittacosaurus mongoliensis (skeleton, and juvenile skeleton in matrix)
various dinosaur footprints; trackway cast

Late Cretaceous
Pinacosaurus (skeleton in matrix)
3 dinosaur egg nests: 1 attributed to Oviraptor, 1 with round eggs,
  and the nest with embryonated egg... Oviraptor???
Bactrosaurus (small, medium, and large skeletons)
lizard skin trace fossil
multituberculate skeleton
Protoceratops (skeletons and series of 5 skulls, juvenile to adult)
sauropod femur (indet.)
turtle (shell) and crocodilian teeth
Archeornithomimus (skeletons)
plant fossils, mostly leaves: Pterophyllum, Pityophyllum, Phoenicopsis,
  Nilssonia sinensis, Thinnfeldia, Elatocladum, Cladophlebis)

Late Pleistocene
human (skull, parietal, femur, two teeth)
Coelodonta antiquitatis (skeleton, and two skeletons in matrix)
Megaceros (antlers)
Bos primigenus (horns)
Spirocerus (horns)
Bubalus (horns)
Bison exiguus (horns)
Palaeoloxodon (tusk)
Camelus knoblochii (skull and leg bone)
Mammuthus sungari (17 ft assembled skeleton)

Kay Lancaster    kay@fern.com    (any mistakes are probably mine; I'm
                                   a botanist, not a paleontologist)