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Re: Raptor question

Bettyc wrote:
>Dr. bakker has re-examined an Allosaur he has had in his museum for a
>while, and decided it is deserving of it's own species name, so he has
>named it Wyomingraptor.
        In case anyone gets confused, you have just witnessed a rare Betty
slip-up. "Wyomingraptor" is a genus name, not a species name.
        As an aside, Bakker is a splitter (some might suggest he's a
splitter of epic proportions. I can envision the Bakker vs. Olshevsky Taxon
Splittin' Contest at SVP next year. :). Nobody get too excited about seeing
"Wyomingraptor" in Jurassic Park Three: The Final Rip-Off.
        As a further aside, I guess we shouldn't complain about Bakker's
rather unimaginative (IMHO) "naming" of this beasty. After all, at least
it's not _Jianlupingmingbaonutsingfuwhanggeshanlungtaosaurus
besimeyoshungtungpaorangrintintinfiensis_. Not that I don't think you should
be able to name an animal whatever you want. I've always been partial to
_Xenophagus terminator_ myself. Or _Wagnersaurus killdozer stomp_. :)
      Jonathan R. Wagner, Dept. of Geosciences, TTU, Lubbock TX 79409
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