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Re: Moderator, when?

On 25 Apr 97 20:23:00 EDT, you wrote:

>I've tried to stay out of this mainly because I'm trying to follow the
>good advice that we should ignore silly bits of Creationism that might
>occasionally float onto the list.  But since this thing seems to keep
>lingering let me try to dowse it once and for all.

> As a couple of you
>already know, the Creationist in question is *not* subscribed to the
>list.  Garrison Hilliard took it upon himself to provide us with one
>of Karl's messages as a form of "entertainment".  Your first clue to
>that effect should have been the first line in Garrison's message:
>> On 20 Apr 97 15:42:00 EDT, www@cuinfo.cit.cornell.edu (ksjj@fast.net)
>> wrote:

I'll tell you, I was really beginning to feel like one of those aliens
in the old "Twilight Zone" episode ("The Monsters on Maple Street")
wherein the alien ivaders just dimmed a few lights and blanked out
radio or two to send mankind into a bout of irrational paranoia. Very,
very few of you DINOSAUR list members actually read the message &
noticed the headers, or did any research at all about what the origin
of the message... well, I guess it just goes to show how many folks
actually apply scientific methodology in their normal lives, eh?

p.s. Feel free to flame me (privately, though... Mickey doesn't need
this stuff cluttering up his list!); I'm a card-carrying skeptic and
quite used to being criticized because I'm right.

Anyway... does anybody have any idea what the largest species of
plesiosaur is? Is that title still held by the short-necked variety
Kronosaurus, or has there been a new discovery... I thought I'd gotten
a report on a larger species being found recently.