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Re: Deinonychus claws; love 'em or leave 'em

>Erik Omtvedt wrote:
_Deinonychus_ was bipedal,  with perfectly
>serviceable claws on its hands and a mouthful of teeth that would make a
>crocodile whistle in admiration.  In other words, it was an extremely
>well-adapted predator without the foot-claws.  So, why add the
>foot-claws?  It didn't need them.  Other theropods did perfectly well
>without them.  They make no sense simply as added attack weapons.
>Therefore, it seems reasonable to look for a second function for them,
>some context in which they do make evolutionary sense.

I am far from even partially knowledgable in regards to this
conversation but I do wish to propose a compromise, even if it is way

I see this claw in pictures and look at the artists conception of this
animal and think it is possible to be used on very VERY bony plated
skin, like the Stegasauri?

However, my compromise between the hunter vs. the climber is this.
Maybe the claw was used to climb the huge sauropods? which if I am not
mistaken would be thick skinned as well and if Deinonychus was a pack
hunter then it would make sense for them to go after this oversized pray
like so.
There I have solved the mystery. The claw is used to climb what they
hunt. ;)

P.S. Please don't be too harsh in your castigation of me over this one,
I am truly wanting to learn and am just to dumb to always know when to
keep my big mouth shut ;)