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Dromaeosaur tracks

In Sternberg,C.m. 1932. Dinosaur tracks from Peace River, British Columbia.
National Museum Canada Ann. Rpt. 1930:59-85. there is an interesting
illustration showing a theropod trackway that seems to show an isolation of
digit #2. See also Fig. 31.2 in Gillette and Lockley, DINOSAUR TRACKS AND
TRACES, Cambridge University Press,1989. Of course, these are drawings and
not the actual tracks, however this would be an excellent sample for anything
of the age of Deinonychus. Some mention has been made here of an illustration
in THE BIG CATS AND THEIR FOSSIL RELATIVES by Alan Turner and illustrated by
Mauricio Anton. I would like to alert you all to the magnificent
illustrations in this book, non-dinosaurian as they may be. Anton also has a
wonderful picture of a paleo-homonid family reunion in the  May/June issue of
Achaeology Magazine, Pg.33. Enjoy.