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'MBell 16766' (sorry, don't know your real name) said..

> Some mention has been made here of an illustration
> in THE BIG CATS AND THEIR FOSSIL RELATIVES by Alan Turner and illustrated by
> Mauricio Anton. I would like to alert you all to the magnificent
> illustrations in this book, non-dinosaurian as they may be. Anton also has a
> wonderful picture of a paleo-homonid family reunion in the  May/June issue of
> Achaeology Magazine, Pg.33. Enjoy.

Aficionados of dino-art will note that Anton - and I presume this is the same
guy - has previously had work published in _Nature_. The restorations of
_Pelecanimimus_ in Bernandino and co's paper and of _Cryolophosaurs_ (in Hammer
and Hickerson) were by an 'M. Anton'. They're OK (but I must say the crest
pattern on Anton's cryolophosaurs is not right).

Am I right in thinking this is the same person? I haven't seen the new cat book
and so can't compare the art.

Does anyone have access to _Archaeozoology_? I'm after a paper in vol. 1 on the
'zebro' (15th C wild horse from Iberian peninsula) - it's proposed that it was
late surviving _Equus hydruntinus_.

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