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Re: Alt.dino.evolution.book

>      You may want to check out a fascinating book entitled "West of Eden"
> by Harry Harrison.  In it, the dinos did not die out but evolved into the
> dominant culture; mankind evolved but remains stuck at a sort of
> cave-dweller level because there's nowhere else for them to go.  What's
> most interesting is the technology the dino culture developed:  Completely
> biological,  with all of their "machinery" manufactured through generations
> of genetic engineering.
>      A lot of fun.

     I particularly liked thier "firearms"; little lizards that you
squeeze to make them shoot poison darts out of thier mouths.  Thier
"ships" were pretty wild too; genetically engineered icthyosaurs.  The
cabins was inside the body cavity, and you navigated by squeezing
different parts of the brain.
     An individual I recently spoke to who shall remain nameless described
a certain famous hairy individual whos name pops up in discussion on the
list now and then as having become a "characticure of himself."  I think
that is as good a description as any.    

LN Jeff