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This is off list.  I shouldn't even respond off the top of my head like this, 
but ...

Krono-  This seems to come from the Greek Kronos, the counterpart of the Latin 
Saturn.  The interesting idea behind this name, I think, is the fact that Kronos
used to rule on Olympus before his son overthrew him.  After the rebellion, 
Kronos was exiled to Tartarus, an underworld where the ancient race of Titans 
were banished.  A clever and apt choice of names, I think.  

Haramiya  This is not Greek on account of the -y-.  It has an Indian ring to it.
I'll go look it up in my Sanskrit dictionary.  Monier-Williams says that 
Haraniya (with a dot under the n) means "to be taken, to be seized."  The dot 
under the 'n' indicates a nasalized Sanskrit phoneme, which is often alternating
with 'm'.  Further search shows, Haram, 'seizing, destroying.'  The first 'a' in
this word is long.  It could be a place name.