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At 12:14 PM 4/28/97 +0100, Mr. Naish wrote,
>'ZooLady' said..
>>         Just a reminder.. almost all fights between males,
>> dominant/subordinates, and the like, are *NOT* to the death. 

>I can't let this one go: even if you are referring to aggressive behaviour
>between members of the same species (as I assume), your view is something of an
>over-generalisation. OK, more often than not there is no death involved, but it
>*does* happen

        Hey Darren Naish,  you need to chill a bit. I did not say ALWAYS, or
without exception. Read the words before you pick on the little guys. :)


"It has been said that man is a rational animal.  All my life I have been
searching for evidence which could support this."
                                        -- Bertrand Russell