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Re: Movements dino's could have made (was: Re: Deinonychus claws

Jarno Peschier wrote:
> Depends on how to model it, of course. If you model all "tiny
> remnants of cartiligenous attachment that show up as a stain on the
> bone" in your 3D digital model as well, why shouldn't this work? 

of course the "tiny remnants of cartiligenous attachments that show up
as a stain" may be in dispute between paleontologists.
These are OLD bones after all, and they are more than a little worn, so
interpretations may differ-doesn't make it easy figuring out what info
to use on each bone.  Like figuring out whether the ptersaur's first
wing finger is really the 2nd wing finger or not. Makes it difficult to
do unless you model it both ways.  And if the actual bones don't make
you sure, they're the source of the info in the computer, so the
computer won't make you sure instead.  Garbage in, garbage out.

> Perhaps using 3D modelling might not be a viable option yet, but then
> it probably will be in 2, 5, 10 or 15 years (probably earlier than
> later, at the rate hardware and software in this field still seems to
> be evolving). We'll see..

Oh, very likely.  Already you can do most of the stuff possible on an
SGI from 4 years ago on a really souped-up PC now, so things are
           Betty Cunningham  
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