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Quest for information

Dear all,

This doesn't really have to do with dinosurs, but I'm going ahead anyway.

First, regarding a posting last week about the Planet Dinosaur exhibit that 
opened yesterday at the Fernbank Museum;  I have tried contacting Mr. Bearden 
phone and e-mail several times to try to get some more information, and 
no response.  If anyone on the list has gotten any more information, I'd 
appreciate it if you'd share it with me, as I and a group of friends would like 
to take a road trip to Atlanta to take in the exhibit.

Second,  I have been in private contact with some of the other undergraduate 
students on the list and we have some questions regarding the field work we 
do to graduate.  If there are any professors, or anyone familiar with 
undergraduate geology/paleontology work willing to let us ask you some 
questions, I would really love to hear from you off-list.


Karen M. Bentle

"I'm accident prone," she said.  "I've been in shipwrecks, car crashes, fires, 
floods, and tornadoes.  I've had every disaster but bubonic plague and a 
husband, and there's still time for those."--Edith Russell, 93 year old Titanic 

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