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Re: Dinosaur science fiction

On Tue, 29 Apr 1997, Graeme Worth wrote:

> Another one to add to the list of dinosaur science fiction is the Quintaglio
> Ascension trilogy (Far-Seer; Fossil Hunter; Foreigner) by Robert Sawyer.
> Interesting look at the social repercussions of aggressive hunter-based,
> pheromone driven dinosaurs as they evolve a society capable of reaching the
> stars.
> Graeme Worth
        Again a feeble attempt at personifying the aspirations of dino 
evolution.  Sawyer makes a sad example of writers using dinosaurs as a 
catalyst for their wierd ideas.  Why not use aliens or something?  Might 
as well, the surroundings flooding the dinosaur cultures in Sawyer's book 
don't really need to contain dino data.  I think it's about time someone 
writes about dinosaurs in a realistic fantasy, not an excuse for shelfspace.