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Hi all.

I spent a good part of yesterday going through the latest haul of Santana
pterosaur material - when will these animals *stop* being so damn _amazing_. I
haven't got any breath left to be taken away. Lots of new stuff, needless to
say.. and while I was there, I picked up a new paper. I haven't seen it cited
or mentioned before. We all heard about Kellner's new soft-tissue crest
tapejarid talk at the last SVP meeting (reported in _JVP_ 16). Well, here's the

CAMPOS, D. de A. and KELLNER, A.W.A. 1997. Short note on the first occurrence
of Tapejaridae in the Crato Member (Aptian), Santana Formation, Araripe Basin,
northeast Brazil. _An. Acad. bras. Ci._ 69 (1): 83-87.

Though I could have a good guess, I'm not sure what the unabbreviated journal
title is. Anyway, the new species name _Tapejara imperator_ is created. It is
based on a complete skull (no lower jaw though) with two long spines that
project up and slightly backward from the premaxillary and parietal crests and
there is a broad sail or web of soft tissue between them. This has just got to
be a sexual display feature.

Of course, the story doesn't end here... Just wait to see what comes next! 

Other pterosaur news: Rupert Wild apparently has a crested pterosaur from the
*Triassic*. Anyone know anything about this? And I got a phone call this morning
from an excited Luis Rey about a new Mexican dinosaur called 'Chihuahuasaurus'.
What's the deal George? Cough up.

"One thing was for sure (for us at least): coelacanths meant bad news"