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Re: References

Darryl wrote:
> Could I get references for Stygivenator and Siamotyrannus please.  They are
> new enough that I have nothing that refers to them.  I know that they have
> been on the list before, but I could not find them in the archives.  Well all 
> i know is that _Siamotyrannus isanensis_ is a very primitive 
tyrannosaurid, mabye as primitive as _Itermirus medularis_. There are 
three species of _Stygivenator_: _S. amplus_, _S. cristatus_ and _S. 
molnari_. One of these species has replaced _Aublysodon_. As you may 
understand, _Stygivenator_ is an aublysodontid (or allso called 
stygivenatorid, or shanshanosaurid).