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Quest for information

Karen M. Bentle wrote on 4/29/97:

>First, regarding a posting last week about the Planet Dinosaur exhibit that
>opened yesterday at the Fernbank Museum, I have tried contacting Mr. Bearden
>phone and e-mail several times to try to get some more information, and
>no response.  If anyone on the list has gotten any more information, Id
>appreciate it if youd share it with me, as I and a group of friends would
>to take a road trip to Atlanta to take in the exhibit.

I posted about the Planet Dinosaur event, so perhaps I can help.  I know that
Clint Bearden was out of town for much of last week, so is probably wading
through a good many e-mails and other messages.  However, I did call him and
asked him to contact you.

The exhibit is excellent, with the skull of _Giganotosaurus_ being
particularly impressive.  There are eight complete skeletons and 16 dinosaur
species represented.  Museum admission is $9.50 adults, $8.00
students/seniors, $7.00 children.  With an IMAX show (The Amazon, The Living
Sea), add $5, $4 or $3 respectively.

Museum hours are M-S 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Sunday 12-5 p.m.  
The general phone number is (404) 370-0730 (Atlanta, GA).