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The (ugh!) "Voyager" dino-show...

Although as I'd sworn "Voyager" off some time ago as pure crap of a
silly, insulting, offensive nature, my interests in paleontology &
science fiction had me tuning in this week's "Voyager" episode, which
I somewhat enjoyed for the first 17 minutes or so (as it had none of
the Voyager crew on it except for the bones of a dead crewman), and
then turned off after the "Voyager" crew appeared and they
misidentified Eryops, a Permian amphibian, as a mammal-reptile link,
and a Parasaurophulus as a dinosaur "of the genus Hadrosaur". I then
applauded myself on my tolerance level for having watched an entire
third of the program before becoming so sickened that I turned it to
an origami program, Hell, anything's better than "Voyager"!