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Re: Synapomorphy Wars

Tetanurae@aol.com wrote:

> That is not entirely correct.  The prosauropods were classed with
> Coelurosaurs because they were mixed up with Rauisuchian teeth, and given the
> name paleopods.  Prosauropods are strikingly different from theropods in the
> hand, the hips, the feet, the neck and especially the head.  You might have a
> few elements that could be confused between the two, but not entire
> skeletons.  Prosauropods and theropods would not get mixed up, and do not get
> mixed up, when whole skulls and skeletons are known.
        Please don't think that I am taking George's side on this, 
because I am not, but theropod feet are most certainly not distinctly 
different from prosauropod feet--in fact, we have to do all kinds of 
mathamatical voodoo on the bloody things to really get any sort of 
SCIENTIFICALLY REPEATABLE differences to show up between the two.  

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