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Re: Another View (Was Review of AMNH Lost World Exhibit)

MKIRKALDY@aol.com wrote:

> I had the opposite experience, although the circumstances were somewhat
> different. 

I must say that your circumstances

free admission
a private tour
limousine service
toured with leading paleontologists
private tour of museum holdings 

were no doubt calculated to blunt the criticism of the very 
people most needed to step forward and object.  In fact there's 
nothing unusual about this sort of buttering up of the experts to 
gain their support. 

As to the museum's forbidding photography because of "copyright 
concerns," why didn't someone rush over and prevent my copious 
picture taking during the "Dinosaurs Past and Present" exhibit in the 
Eighties, which may I say was a real exhibit and not a sleazy cash-in 
on a movie?  And why would photography of displays in a museum 
exhibit infringe on anyone's copyright (the perplexed attorney 


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