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August's Paleo Award

                     August's Paleo Award
                       Has Been Awarded

          It is my privilege to announce the winner of

       ********** The August, 1997 Paleo Award **********

                       The PaleoNet Pages


     Norm MacLeod has realized the goal of pulling together the
subdisciplines of Paleontology under the PaleoNet network. This
site is the home to a system of listservers, WWW pages and ftp
sites designed to enhance electronic communication among
paleontologists and all persons interested in the study of ancient
life. In addition to the listservers and ftp sites, PaleoNet is the
home to Paleontologia Electronica, the first electronic
paleontological journal. PaleoNet's 'Places to Go' links, 'Things
To Do' Meetings and Symposium Calender, and the 'Get A Job'
job position board all add in to make this one of the most
comprehensively useful sites for Paleontologists on the WWW.
PaleoNet is also currently gathering Artwork for its 'Visions of
the Past' virtual gallery.

            What a GREAT site! Thank You, Norm!

          Next month's category is Paleoanthropology!
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