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T rex print-Ty-rant

You wrote: 
>> There is Tyrannosauropus (or is it Tyrannosauripus?--my reference is not with
>> me in San Diego yet), which is based on a large print that can only be that
>> of Tyrannosaurus, the only dinosaur capable of leaving a print of that size
>> and shape.
>       I think it is _Tyrannosauripus_.  My reference is here somewhere...
>       Oh come on, George.  Ten years ago _Tyrannosaurus_ was the 
>"largest" theropod, too.  Just because there isn't another  theropod in the 
>current fossil record from the New Mexico Maastrichtian that is large 
>enough to create _Tyrannosauripus_ does not mean that one didn't exist.  
>Josh Smith

The person you SHOULD be ranting at is Martin Lockley, HE'S the one who 
identified the print, and George is just relateing what Martin said.