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Re: Another View (Was Review of AMNH Lost World Exhibit)

> From:          Bettyc <Bettyc@flyinggoat.com>

> This ISN'T a museum exhibit.  It was the
> Universal-Studios-promotional-exhibit-of-LOST-WORLD exhibit.  It just
> happesns to be in a museum.

Nothing "just happens to be in a museum."  This exhibit wasn't just 
wandering the streets of New York with the tourists.  It didn't just 
decide that its feet hurt and it wanted go sit down for a few 
months.  The museum itself calls the exhibit its own while it is in 
AMNH halls.  There's a huge banner for the exhibit outside of the 
entrance on CPW.  There's no warning outside the exhibit room that 
"you are leaving the AMNH and entering Lostworldorama."  
It may be a touring show but while it is in the AMNH it is an AMNH 

You know, Betty, I liked the movie plenty -- I had a ball.  Great 
mind candy, cool dinosaurs.  But that has nothing to do with what I'm 
talking about.  Here's an example.  Do you have kids?  How would you 
like it if your kids were taking a class on Classical Mythology and 
you discovered that their teacher's sole method of instruction was to 
show the kids an episode of "Hercules" every class? Would you like it 
any more if you found out that UPN was helping sponsor the 
school?  Was providing free vacations to the staff?


"Atheism: a non-prophet organization"