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WWU's new dino display

Ladies and Gentlemen,

        It is with great pleasure that I announce that Western Washington
University will soon become the next of only two places in the state of
Washington where actual dinosaur fossils can be seen on display. I am making
the finishing touches on WWU's modest contribution to dinosaur paleontology:
a large display case with a variety of dinosaur bones, both real and replicas. 
        The centerpiece of the display is a big, original poster by me of
the dinosaur family tree, with each family represented by a scale skeleton
of a representative. To each side of the centerpiece are several displays of
dinosaur bone, including a big Texan ceratopsian rib, a sauropod rib
fragment, loads of tooth casts (and one of my authentic tyrannosaur teeth),
a nice hadrosaur tibia, and a lot of other odds and ends. 
        The display is on the second floor of Western Washington
University's (in Bellingham) Environmental Studies Building, on the West
corridor, where it will remain for at least a few more years. The building
is open to everyone (no admission, of course) from 6:00 to 9:00 on weekdays,
with varying hours on the weekends. There are lots of other nice fossil
displays, including a display on fossils from Washington, some beautiful
fossil fish, and some spectacular local fossil plants.
        In the making of the display, several individuals were of
assistance. George Mustoe (WWU, Geology Dept.) provided most of the tools
and materials for the stands and shelves in the case. Kevin Short (WWU,
Graphics Dept.) helped create the stunning centerpiece, and our own Guy
Leahy (ex. WWU, Department of Physical Education and Health Resources, now
in Lynnwood, WA) offered his time with planning and technical details.
Thanks to all of you.
        If you are ever in town, drop by and check it out. It will be up and
finished within a week of today. After that I will be out of town for a few
weeks, so I'll be a bit slow to reply to any responses.

Take care,