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Re: What to do?

From:      lonid@netone.com

> See, I've kept quiet.  But I'm gonna say it one more time.  There is
> room in this life for all kinds of paleo passion...some purely
> scientific, some cut with imagination, some purely fantastic.  

Say it as many times as you like, but there's no room for this 
garbage in the American Museum of Natural History or any other 
reputable museum. 

Want your "paleo passion" in a jumble, with the "purely scientific"
blended in with the "purely fantastic"?  I can suggest a place on
Central Park West you can visit until September 30.

It seems that there are some people out there who just can't get it
through their heads that I was not criticizing the movie.  I was
criticizing the movie disingenuously advertised in a museum where
hundreds of thousands of people come every year to be educated about
the natural world.  Put it in the movie theater, I'm there.  Put it on
display in a museum as if it were fact . . .

"Atheism: a non-prophet organization"