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Theropod tooth serrations

I'm a paleoartist currently attempting some sculptures that incorporate   
sculpted theropod teeth (mainly T-rex teeth, but also smaller theropod   
teeth.) Living in Maine, I don't have access to a lot (any, really)   
dinosaur material to study and have only had a few opportunities to   
observe actual fossils of theropod teeth.

Can anyone tell me if, in life, the serrations on a T rex teeth would   
have occurred only on the leading and trailing edge of the tooth, or were   
the serrations sometimes displaced somewhat laterally; eg, 10 or 15   
degrees off the front-back axis of the tooth?  I've seen such lateral   
displacement on fossil T rex teeth, but it may have been caused by   
crushing or distortion of the tooth during the fossilization process.   
 Any thoughts?