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Ingenia? Conchoraptor?(Re: THREE Oviraptor species?!!?!?)

At 17:14 -0700 8/6/97, Dinos慷P wrote:
>Ask him when he drew it, and what he based it on. I could be that he's
>basement is really Conchoraptor gracilis!
>I have seen severals of "Ingenia" drawings, which tyrned out, really to
>be a Conchoraptor.
>Ingenia has a bit more slender skull, and more overbite (and a very small
>crest-Conchoraptor has _no_ crest).

I'm translating  and forwarding a message from the artist (T. Oda) of our
website (http://www.dino-nakasato.org/).

                                        Naoto Koyama (naokym@gol.com)


My drawing is NOT based on _Conchoraptor gracilis_.
I was lucky enough to have chances to be involved in assembling, mounting
and making replicas of well-preserved fossils of _Ingenia yanshini_ in
Nakasato, Japan.
I've never seen any specimen of _Conchoraptor_ except for a few drawings
of its partial skeleton. Therefore, there is no reason for me to reconstruct
_Ingenia_ based on _Conchoraptor_.

As the Ingenia skull in Nakasato has deformed a bit, one might think that
_Ingenia_ has a very small crest which I could not recognize.

R. Barsbold pointed out that _Ingenia_ has more bigger first phalanges of
its forearms than those of my reconstruction. He suggested me to make some
corrections in other two oviraptorosaurids as well.
Now I'm revising my _Ingenia_ reconstruction and hope to share it with
all of you soon in 'Art Gallery'
(http://www.dino-nakasato.org/en/artgallery/indexArt-e.html) .

Thanks for your criticism and please do not hesitate to criticise again.
As I started to draw dinosaurs only a year and a few months ago, any
feedbacks might improve my future works.

Takashi Oda (d-oda@mx2.nisiq.net)