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Re: Ye Olde Duckbill Dinosaur

        Trachodon is a taxonomic mess. First of all, the holotype ANSP tooth
is not actually from a hadrosaur, but from an indeterminate Judithian
certatopsian (ceratopian, to you George O.). Lambe first noticed this back
in the 1920's (?), but everyone had gotten so used to calling hadrosaurs
"trachodonts" that he was ignored. What really bugs me is that in even
modern texts (including one 1994 high-school biology textbook, approved by
America's sickest socialist joke that calls itself "the Department of
Education") the name Trachodon is still being used, and worse is being
described as a hadrosaur.
        I support nomen dubium status for Trachodon and the dozen or so
"species" attributed to it.