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Dinosaur Discoveries

DINOSAUR DISCOVERIES #5 has been released.
This is the only newsletter which reports ALL new dinosaur finds.
Dinosaur Discoveries not only reports ALL dinosaur finds, it covers ONLY
dinosaurs (and other Mesozoic creatures that lived along with them).
Articles include:
Sailing the Cretaceous Skies (pterosaur: Tapejara imperator) by Tracy Ford
(art by Shannon Yeager)
Unenlagia: the Half-Bird (article by Peter Buchholz; art by Ford & Buchholz)
Agilisaurus and its Implications for Ornithopod Evolution
(Article and art by Peter Buchholz)
Protarchaeopteryx robusta
Siamoraptor: Is Siamotyrannus really a Sinraptor? by Nick Pharris
Titanosaurus colberti by Sally Day (art by James Whitcraft)
Fossils from Australia's Inland Sea by Dr Paul Willis
Southern Spinosaurids Found by Dr Tom Rich
New Tracksite Discovered by Gary Gaulin
Dinosaurs of Gondwana (report of conference, covers dozens of finds) by Ford
The New Pliosaurids (article by Darren Naish, art by James Whitcraft)
Mesozoic Notes: Pterosaur feet, dinosaur royalties, DNA, Wave of hot gas,
Pachyrhachis (snake-mosasaur link), baby bird from Spain, Official State
Dinosaurs, How did Hadrosaurs Defend Themselves?, How did dinosaurs
out-compete mammals?, Dinosaurs and luke-warm blood.
Dinosaurs on the Screen: Star Trek, Sliders, Lost World, Dinotopia
Bipedal Apatosaurs by Gregory Scott Paul
Where the Beetles Bore by Tracy Ford
Dinosaur Notes: When did tyrannosaurs arrive in North America?,
Sinosauropteryx has no feathers, The Snout of Mononykus, Tyrannosaurus gout,
Jurassic Gallimimus, Asian Immigrants, Z-Rex, Japanese find dromaeosaurs,
Palecanimimus has no feathers, Jurassic egg found, Oldest embryo found,
Gogosaurus, Giganotosaurus, Araucanoraptor, Wyoming scientists find
dromaeosaur-troodon link.
Recent Finds of New Genera: Alwalkeria, Asiamericana, Galtonia,
Gigantospinosaurus, Gobisaurus, Pekinosaurus, Phuwiangosaurus,
Sinornithoides (art by Matthew Celeskey), Tonouchisaurus.
Royal Tyrrell Update, Dinosaur Calendar, Dinosaurs on the Web
Subscriptions are $25 per year (six issues), $26.56 in Texas,
$30 in Canada, $40 overseas airmail. We have back issues #1-#4 in stock and
you may backdate your subscription to include any issues you do not have.
We take Visa, Mastercard, checks on US banks, money orders, and cash.
Tiger Publications, Box 8759, Amarillo TX 79114
Phone 806-655-2009, Fax 806-655-7578, Email tiger@arn.net
We need writers; ask for writer's guides. Writers are paid on publication.