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Re: DINO Commercialization

dunn1@IDT.NET wrote:
> Me too.  I also love the Jurassic Park movies.   I have *nothing*
> against companies making money off of these ventures.  How would you
> like it if kids were taught life sciences with these movies?  Museums
> purport to educate people about certain aspects of the world, don't
> they?  Why is this nuance escaping so many people?

The Academy of Sciences in SF has a long-running exhibit on the FAR SIDE
cartoon.  They show original strips and use them to educate kids and
adults on the wacky world of science.  They include the infamous "why
the dinosaurs became extinct" amongst the punk poodles and shopping
carts of the Serengeti and sharks with wacky sunglasses on and the silly
lady praying mantises.  This IS an educational exhibit because they
demonstrate the humor of the inaccuracies and show what real science the
cartoons are based on.  The exhibit you are tearing apart as
inappropriate education is doing the exact same thing-showing 'wrong"
with "right" to educate people.

I love this exhibit and it's always crowded with adults and children
it's >>FUN<<

           Betty Cunningham  
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