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Re: DINO Commercialization

> From:          jamolnar@juno.com

> Why is the nuance of a museum using this exhibit for bait to get folks
> inside so they can get the straight poop escaping you?

It's must be escaping me because it's not what's happening.  People 
are getting a glossy ad for the movie.  No straight poop on the 
movie inaccuracies to be seen.

> Did it occur to
> you that some folks who think that museums are stuffy and dull places
> wouldn't come in _except_ to see a JP exhibit?  

Whose fault is that?  Is the only alternative the complete corporate 
sellout?  If so, why?

> As you say, you don't have to go to these exhibits or support them.  Just
> understand what your non-support does to the institution.  

Becoming a huge billboard for exhibits whose *substance* amounts to
Hollywood product is the only solution?  They have no option but to 
offer us this and this only, and if we gag on it the museum 
extinction is our fault?


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