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Jeff Poling wrote:
>    Are these definitions correct?
>    lacustrine, adjective, describes a sedimintary deposit laid down by a
> lake.  Lacustrine deposits are often comprised of limestone, such as the
> Solnhofen and Liaoning lacustrine deposits
        Having just returned from Laioning, I can say that these are 
almost certainly lacustrine deposits.  However, there is not a bit of 
limestone anywhere in them.  The deposits do not resemble Solnhofen 
(except in color) in the least, especially as Solnhofen is currently 
intepreted more as a tidally influenced, lagoonal environment rather than 
a lacustrine environment.  The site near Beipaio in Laioning is much 
comprized of sediments that are much closer to typical lacustrine facies, 
which generally rarely include extensive carbonates.


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