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Re: Where we learn

> From:          Dinogeorge@aol.com

> Speaking from personal experience, I must say I didn't learn a heck of a lot
> >in school. Whatever learning I did went on >outside< the classroom: in
> >doing< homework assignments, in visiting the library, in voracious reading.

I'm sure this was true for you, but you are an exceptional guy (no 
buttering up intended).  Not many Americans go on to M.I.T.  

I can tell you at least from my experiences with the five children of 
my two sisters that kids learn plenty from school.  One of my sisters 
is very good about supplementing their education, the other is not.  
The kids of my sister whose not so good about it are not complete 
dummies;  they've gotten decent educations, and that in an area not 
noted from the quality of it's public schools (Bayonne, N.J.).

I also know that occassionally the kids get told the wrong thing in 
school, although this sort of thing is generally understandable; my 
nephew told me that the Sperm Whale is the biggest whale -- I had a 
hell of a time convincing him that the Sperm Whale is the largest 
*toothed* whale because he learned this from his science teacher (who 
knows if he learned it incorrectly or was taught it incorrectly).  

This is why I've objected to the Lost World exhibit.  Kids (and 
adults) have a sense of what few sources they can rely on for 
information about the world; and companies have learned to tap into 
that source to peddle their wares.  The fact that schools and museums 
have so readily allowed this is very disappointing (not to mention 


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