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Re: raptors

On Sun, 10 Aug 1997 11:52:11 -0400 redhill <tatnall@zeus.dpnet.net>
>Hi! I'm Tracy. I'm ten years old and I love velociraptors.  If anyone
>out there has any information about raptors or raptor resources, 
>let me know.
>William Tracy
Howdy, William!  Welcome to the list!

Velociraptor fossils were first found in the 1930s, so they've been
around a long time.  Funny this dinosaur should get popular now, with all
the movies, huh?  Too bad most of the information available on them is
very technical.  But don't let that stop you.  Just keep asking questions
until you get an answer you understand!  Folks on the list will help you
-- just ask!

There's a book for folks your age by Don Lessem called _Raptors! The
Nastiest Dinosaurs_ that is in print right now.  See if it's in your
local library, and if it isn't, suggest it!  Also put it on a "wish list"
for your birthday or an upcoming holiday, or save up for it [$14.95]. 
Then your folks can order it for you from a local bookstore or from the
Dinosaur Society at 1-800-346-6366.  It's a good start.  Then if there
are any other books mentioned in it for further reading, you can go on
from there.

It will take some time for all the information on dinosaurs to get into
books you can get to.  Be patient.  And be glad you are living in such a
wonderful time for finding out about dinosaurs!  There are so many new
ones being discovered to learn about all the time, it just makes my head
swim!  Even us grown ups have a hard time keeping up, so climb aboard and
enjoy the ride!

Judy Molnar
Education Associate, Virginia Living Museum
All questions are valid; all answers are tentative.