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Another View (Was Review of AMNH Lost World Exhibit)

dunn1@IDT.NET wrote on 8-10-97:
>>Take it from someone who has actually seen the exhibit. 

And jamolnar@juno.com wrote on 8-10-97:
>Others who have seen it disagree with your interpretation.  Some people
>will get your impression, but not everyone. Give credit to the people and
>kids who can tell the difference between entertainment and straight
>facts.  You seem to assume no one who sees this exhibit has any brains. 
>Some do.  Some do and don't use them.  Nothing we can do about that.

Well, I have seen it too (and mine was the Other View), and I assume quite a
few others have viewed the exhibit.  I enjoyed what I saw of the dinosaurs,
glanced briefly at the clips to see who was in them, and did not act on
whatever subliminal message was there to go out and buy a new Mercedes-Benz.
 Neither Dale Russell nor Tom Holtz recoiled in horror at the sights
supposedly foisted upon an unsuspecting and uneducated public.  Children were
not being tortured.

And, continuing, jamolnar@juno.com wrote
>I'm tired of defending museums that do what they can to get the public's
>attention, because they have to compete with MTV, movies, video games and
>everything else to get people in the doors.  I'm tired of museums being
>considered no better than prostitutes for soliciting money or running
>exhibits from "tainted" corporate sponsors. 

The purists might be surprised if they looked at who was on the board of
trustees and board of directors for their favorite museums.  

Continuing, jamolnar@juno.com wrote
>I'd be really surprised to find anyone out there who is totally
>"untainted" by any compromise for any cause.  The ends shouldn't justify
>the means, but if you won't get to the end _at all_ without some
>not-so-pure means, then you do what you can.

If dinosaur science should be a right not a privilege, no profiting
whatsoever from it, every scientist works for free, no admission charges
allowed, then why weren’t there cries of outrage when Greg Paul actually
_advertised_ his paintings as _for sale_?  Why doesn’t he just give them
away?  Why did Dinogeorge advertise his faithful long-time companion dinosaur
as _for sale_?  Why did he not give it to his local museum?  Why was Dr. John
Horner at the Atlanta Parisian department store, signing his new book?
 Answer:  Maybe they need to earn a living like the rest of the non-paleo