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What Did Confucius Say... :-)

PELLUCIDAR@aol.com wrote:
> Dear Josh:
> Welcome back from the Not So Far East...hope you had a safe and productive
> trip.
> Did you make it into the Gobi?
> If you care to revive the animal-killing discussion debate we can...though I
> feel we are not far apart philosophically. I encourage you to embrace your
> buried misanthropy :-).

        Safe trip, yes.  Productive?  We will have to wait and see until 
we sift through the data--I have my doubts...

        The Gobi trip actually got postponed, which I why I am here now 
instead of on 29 August.  Though considering how much time I have spent 
in the field this summer, I don't think I am going to begrudge this little 
break (tired grin).

        Can you refresh my memory as to which animal-killing debate we 
are discussing here?  I am so tired I cannot keep track of what day it 
is, not to mention much else--though any discussion where misanthropy is 
encouraged is one that I am likely to embrace...

> Take care and have fun with Dr. Tom,

        I would, but he is notoriously bad about traveling that huge 80 
miles we have between us...(small dig, Tom).  I suspect he will try and 
convince me to bring the photos to SVP...

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