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> I remember some time ago someone on one of the lists or newsgroups
> conducting a discussion about stolen dinosaur fossils and a "sting" by
> local police in Wyoming. I think it was featured on one of the PBS
> stations. Does anyone remember this and can someone give me info? I'm
> looking to view the program or if you know the police dept. filmed.

There was a programme on British T.V. recently that sounds very similar to
the one that you mention. It was called 'Dinocops', and followed the
undercover operations of one particular Wyoming policeman (I can't remember
his name) as he posed as a buyer, and thus caught illegal fossil traders in
the act. The fossils came from Fossil Butte National Park, and the police
department was based in the nearby town of Kemerrer (?), but I can't
remember much more information than that...

Hope that this is helpful.