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Re: Ye Olde Duckbill Dinosaur

>George Olshevsky wrote:
>> When it came time to revamp the American Museum's dinosaur displays earlier
>> in this decade, the mount of Cope's skeleton (one of two at the museum,
>> incidentally, positioned side by side in the Cretaceous hall) was finally
>> relabelled from "trachodont dinosaur" to _Anatotitan copei_, which it is my
>> guess it will stay for quite some time.
>It's too bad that the AMNH didn't remount the skeletons when they renamed
>them. _Anatotitan copei_ is a honkin' big hadrosaur, and to see the pair of
>them correctly mounted would have been a truly awesome sight. Leaving the
>old mount (with Knight's admittedly beautiful but inaccurate painting
>beside them) does nothing to impart any information about what we now think
>about hadrosaur anatomy. In arguably the greatest science museum in the
>world, with the greatest collection of dinosaur specimens, I found this
>quite disappointing.
>Brian Franczak (franczak@ntplx.net)

And what about the Stegosaurus with a dragging tail or the sprawling
Triceratops? A good part of the Ornithischian Hall is a mess. Not enough
money to complete the revamping I guess...

Luis Rey

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