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When I was much younger I was fasinated by the skeletal presentations of
dinos and other fossils. I knew that they were the real thing, not someones
imagination and golly they sure were big. I was one impressed little boy
because I was looking at real science.

Lately I took my extended tribe to a dino presentation at a city museum
claiming to have the dinamation. I had to pay $12 a head and when we got
in...... it was terrible, I meanworse than second class. and no real skeletal
material here just some honky barely moving s..... (I was going to say stuff
you all with the dirty minds). Then best part was a fairly good
representation of T. rex in the lobby which one need not pay for. The worst
part about it is that the kids relate scientific reality with things that
look like thay came from Hollywood.

Again when I was a wee one we were taken on field trips to the Louisville
Symphonic orchastra and although I enjoyed Fantasia I really learned to
appreciate classical music hearing the real thing.

Anyhow there must be some sort of thread here. Let's hear it up for reality
nomatter how stripped down to the basic bones we have as evidence. Let's get
the stuff out of museums into theme parks where they belong and get on with
neat presentations of the real thing. Go for it!!!!

paul sparks