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From Mercury News

*** Huge nest of dinosaur eggs found in Canada

A Canadian paleontologist said Monday she had unearthed at least 10
dinosaur eggs, the biggest find of its kind in the fossil-rich Western
Canadian province of Alberta. The 65 million to 70 million-year-old
fossilized eggs were discovered at Devil's Coulee, Alberta, 143 miles
south of Calgary, and could be the offspring of a duck-billed
Hadrosaur or a Ceratopsian, said Wendy Sloboda, the scientist who
found them. Both large animals, the Hadrosaur was distingished by its
duck-like face, while the Ceratopsian had a large crest on its neck.
Story, see http://www.merc.com/stories/cgi/story.cgi?id=4392735-171