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museum (Parks' visits)

It's interesting: here, at the Wyoming Dinosaur Center, a museum that has
dino fossil skeletons and skeletal casts, trace fossils and other scientific
material, we often get exit cards from kids that ask us why we don't get
some of the "real stuff" (by which they usually mean animated dino art and
reconstructions) instead of this fake stuff. It's sometimes discouraging
when we've invested in real science to see the real science being put down
because of ignorance and misinformation. 
Still, we continue on, knowing that we can't win over or educate everybody,
but we will win over a few, and maybe one of those will be out there
discovering something important in the decade to come.
Sue Blakey, Wyo Dino Center and Big Horn Basin Foundation
P.S. Do the earth sciences a favor -- promote October as National Dinosaur
Ellen Sue Blakey
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