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Re: Cynodont literature

Avis wrote:

> I know that this isn't really a dinosaur question, but...
> I am fascinated by cynodonts, but haven't been able to find much
> information on them. I know the basics, but not much more - can anyone
> enlighten me further/recommend some books on the subject?

Cynodonts are indeed  really fascinating creatures, but
unfortunately it is a real job getting up-to-date information about
them. Beside Hotton's et al 'The Ecology and Biology of Mammal-like
Reptiles', which is a good general text about therapsid biology (see
"tuckr@digital.net"'s posting), I would also recommend TS Kemp: 'The
Mammal-like Reptiles and the Origin of Mammals', Academic Press 1982,
which has a large chapter about cynodonts, and offers references to
the primary literature. Although this book dates back 1982, it is as
far as I know still the most recent textbook dealing exclusively with
synapsids, it is even the only one I think. (Rumours are that James
Hopson from Chicago is writing a new therapsid textbook, perhaps the
still awaited 'Encyclopedia of Paleoherpetology Theriodonta part
II...?). For the rest, you'll have to trace back a very scattered
primary literature unfortunately. When you're in a geology or
paleontology library try also the synapsid chapters in Müller:"
Handbuch der Paläeozoologie" and Piveteau: "Traité de Paléontologie",
both textbooks from the sixties.


Pieter Depuydt

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