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Re: New theory!

Kanat B. Abildinov wrote:
> IMHO, I know how and why died dinos.I found and develop the new theory
> by name "Theory of Changed (Increased)  Gravitation of Earth".Their
> heavy weight killed dinos and other animals of flora and fauna, because
> approximatly 65 mln. years before present the gravitation of Earth was
> being INCREASED right up to modern value. I know such phisical
> possibility. If you interest , I can tell you it in next time.Kanat

Is this really your opinion? First, what should have caused the increase
of gravitation, did the earths mass grow or did its rotation speed up?

And, why did all dinosaur extinct, even the samller ones and the marine

Greetings, Olli
Oliver Rother
Dept. of Geosciences
University of Kiel, Germany