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Re: Ye Olde Duckbill Dinosaur

At 10:09 PM 8/11/97 -0500, bruce thompson wrote:
>Isn't there still some debate on the Triceratops' posture?  Or is that
>another ceratopsian that they think its legs may not be totally 
>underneath itself?

Well, yes and no.  I think the specimens being used to argue the issue are
other genera (Torosaurus, I believe). However, there is no reason to expect
the posture of _Triceratops_ to be any different, as the known post-cranial
anatomy is very similar in all ceratopsians.

However, the *trackway* evidence is strongly against the most sprawling
gait currently proposed. It is most consistent with a fully erect posture,
and is marginally consistent with a bow-legged posture for the front limbs
- but one with the manus still pointed "forward".
(By bow-legged I mean a posture with the elbows bent outwards but the manus
still underneath the body, as opposed to a sprawling gait, where the manus
would be placed outboard of the body).

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